A Look at Mortgages

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Unless you've just won the lottery, chances are you will need to secure a mortgage loan from a reputable lender in order to purchase a home. Understanding the different types of mortgages out there can help you determine which kinds of loans are right for you. Always consult with a certified mortgage broker to ensure that you are making a sound financial decision when it comes to home ownership.

Here are a few types of common mortgages that you need to know to improve your financial literacy:

Fixed Rate Mortgage: Generally, these are loans with a 5-, 10-, 15-, 30-, or even 40-year payback period. The interest rate is fixed in place for the life of the loan, even if interest rates elsewhere go up or down.

FHA Loans: These loans are insured by the federal government and include a mortgage insurance payment. Ideal for first-time home buyers, FHA loans are one of the most secure options out there if you qualify.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage: This mortgage can work to your advantage, because the interest adjusts at certain times. Depending on how the mortgage is structured, your interest can adjust every month, six months, annually or longer. Some ARM mortgage loans have fixed interest rates for a certain period, for example the first three years of the loan, and then adjust from there.

Knowledge about mortgages and lenders can help you feel more confident that you are making the right decisions when it comes to financing your next home purchase. When you consult a real estate agent or certified mortgage broker, you'll partner up with someone who has years of experience and wisdom in this very area.

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